People are sharing the weirdest food they've snuck into the movies

They range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Going to the movies might be a great night out, but it sure adds up after you’ve bought your ticket and loaded up on the obligatory snacks. This means that necessity drives many of us to do the morally dubious: sneaking our own food into the theatre.

Few of us out there haven’t surreptitiously smuggled a packet of Maltesers into the latest James Bond film, but it will soon become apparent that this is small fry. Now people are taking to Twitter to share the craziest food they’ve snuck into the cinema, and the answers are as baffling as they are hilarious.

One guy brought in the bizarre combo of superfoods and Irish stout.

Another went down a distinctly fancier route – we pity whoever was watching the movie at the same time as he was cracking into these.

This girl can’t be blamed. Cookie dough = life.

This guy went for his very own Mexican fiesta.

This person must have been hungover, otherwise there’s no excuse for this combo.

Seriously, how much can you eat during one movie?!

Props to this person for bringing in chicken noodle soup, that is a seriously tricky transportation situation.

This is when you know the clean eating trend needs to die.

And lastly, who could forget the real MVP: this mum who brought in corn on the cob.

So there you go. Potential inspiration for the next time you go to the movies?


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