This giant shark shows why you really should stay out of floodwater in Australia

Cyclone Debbie has left Queensland residents with one huge clean-up.

As residents of Australia’s tropical north-east emerge from their homes following Cyclone Debbie, they’re finding roofs in their yards, boats flung onto rocks and fallen trees.

And then there’s this giant shark, found washed up in the road in Ayr.


The bull shark was spotted by crew from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services as they checked flooded roads.

Authorities have reminded people not to enter floodwaters under any circumstances.

Meanwhile, Twitter users are comparing the discovery to a 2013 fantasy film where a storm leaves the streets of LA infested with – you’ve guessed it – sharks.

It’s also got people thinking about just how unique the land Down Under is…

There were no reports of deaths from Cyclone Debbie, but 60,000 houses were left without power, and several communities were isolated with no access to communications.

Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the state emergency services department had received 800 calls for help, and that number is expected to rise as power comes back on in communities.

Here’s hoping no more giant sharks are found in the meantime…

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