Sean Spicer said Donald Trump would be connected with Russia for using 'Russian salad dressing'

You know where this is going … Cue the pictures of salad dressing!

What better way to cool something down than with a nice condiment?

That’s clearly the thought process of White House press secretary Sean Spicer, who attempted to take the heat off over claims of connections between Russia and President Donald Trump with Russian salad dressing.

“If the president puts Russian salad dressing on his salad tonight, somehow that’s a Russian connection,” said Spicer.

Naturally the spicy exchange – sorry – between Spicer and White House correspondent April Ryan, was just asking for a reaction from the public.

Some wondered if Spicer was on to something. Maybe it’s the dressing people should be worrying about and there’s no Trump connection at all!

But this guy didn’t want people talking about Russian dressing in such a fashion.

While others can see a new line of Trump product coming out soon – as a sequel to Trump Vodka.

One bloke suggested the US was in need of new leadership – and Russian dressing is the way to go.

While another seems to think something similar is already in power…

In any case, the exchange is surely gold dust for comedians – as Lisa here was all too quick to point out.

Spicer’s slightly bizarre comment came when he was replying to a question from Ryan, an experienced White House correspondent for American Ubarn Radio Network.

The exchange became quite heated, with Spicer telling Ryan “Stop shaking your head” and accusing her of having an agenda – which didn’t go down too well.

The way Spicer treated Ryan in the exchange was brought up by Hillary Clinton in a speech on sexism later that evening – who said Ryan was “patronised and cut off trying to ask a question”.

As for Ryan herself?

Well, shortly after the briefing, she posted this…


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