There are ads thanking Republicans for repealing the Affordable Care Act... even though they didn't

it's just a little bit awkward for the American Action Network.

Centre-right group the American Action Network (AAN) must have been pretty confident that Obamacare was going to be dismantled following Friday’s vote, given they made a whole bunch of ads thanking Republican representatives for successfully doing so.

However, the vote didn’t exactly go to plan. In fact the vote didn’t happen at all, as Speaker Paul Ryan cancelled it amid a lack of support. Adding insult to injury, some of the ads praising Republicans for their role in the healthcare debate still ran on TV during a basketball match on Friday night.

The adverts urge viewers to thank their congressman “for replacing the Affordable Care Act with better health care”. As you can probably agree, it all feels just a bit awkward now.

There are 11 videos uploaded to the AAN’s YouTube channel thanking the likes of Darrell Issa, Brian Fitzpatrick, David Young and Greg Walden. The videos have been online since March 14, and considering the vote wasn’t until March 24 it does seem as though the AAN was jumping the gun just a little bit.

According to Deadspin, the AAN isn’t particularly bothered by the situation. A spokesman issued a response saying the ad campaign is part of an ongoing effort that started in January: “While there’s more work to be done, conservatives in and out of Congress continue to believe Obamacare has failed and will continue to fight for patient-centred reforms.

“Therefore, the claims in the ad remain true.”


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