This airline is trolling the electronics ban with a list of things to do on a flight without a laptop or tablet

Nope, not a hint of sarcasm in sight…

This week both the US and the UK announced similar measures banning laptops and other large electronic devices as cabin luggage on flights coming in from various Muslim-majority countries. This is an absolute disaster for anyone on those flights: how on earth can you pass the time without your precious technology?

Luckily, airline Royal Jordanian has come in with some *helpful* advice to those so addicted to technology that they can’t fathom a flight without their laptop. With tomorrow being the deadline for compliance with the US ban, the tips haven’t come a moment too soon.

Very handy, as you can see. For those with tech-withdrawal symptoms, you can “pretend tray table is a keyboard”. We bet you’ll never even notice the difference.

If recreating technology isn’t quite enough for you, you could even “engage in primitive dialogue from the pre-internet era”. Yes, this would actually involve speaking out loud instead of via emoji – the horror!

If that still isn’t enough, Royal Jordanian suggests some more existential ways to pass the time: everything from meditating to analysing the meaning of life.

Well, that would definitely wile away the hours – but don’t blame the airline if you get yourself into a nihilist black hole by the time you land.

Thanks to Royal Jordanian’s handy list, you won’t find yourself at a loss for what to do if you’re on one of the flights with a ban in place.

However, be sure to ease yourself back into primitive dialogue from the pre-internet era slowly – you’ll no doubt be a little rusty.


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