Chrissy Teigen slams critics of her parenting

Chrissy Teigen slams critics of her parenting

Model Chrissy Teigen has snapped back at critics who have found fault with her parenting style, insisting: “We are fine, thanks.”

The cover girl – who recently opened up about suffering from postpartum depression following the birth of her and husband John Legend’s daughter Luna last April – took to Twitter after online trolls criticised the way she is raising her daughter.

She posted a screenshot of messages from people who disapprove of the way she dresses 11-month-old Luna, and another from a critic who claimed the baby “never shows emotions”.

“Imagine being this miserable. We are fine, thanks,” the TV presenter tweeted.

The star followed it up with another tweet.

Chrissy, 31, spoke out about battling postpartum depression in an open letter in US Glamour this month.

She said she discovered she was suffering from the condition in December and decided to speak out to let people know that it “can happen to anybody”.

She wrote: “I have a great life. I have all the help I could need: John, my mother (who lives with us), a nanny.

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen (Jordan Strauss/AP/PA)

“But postpartum does not discriminate. I couldn’t control it. And that’s part of the reason it took me so long to speak up: I felt selfish, icky, and weird saying aloud that I’m struggling.

“Sometimes I still do.”