Fearne Cotton: I'd sticks forks in my eyeballs before starting juice diet

Fearne Cotton: I'd sticks forks in my eyeballs before starting juice diet

TV presenter and health enthusiast Fearne Cotton has said she would rather “stick forks in her eyeballs” than follow a tight detox diet.

The mother-of-two, who is known for promoting healthy living plans, slammed restrictive eating regimes and certain diet products in a discussion with nutrition therapist Amelia Freer.

A self-confessed food lover, she asked the expert: “One of these misused words on social media is ‘detox’, but what does it even mean? I’ve never done one of those juice-only diets, because I would rather sticks forks in my eyeballs, but I have a lot of friends who do it.

Fearne Cotton
Fearne Cotton has trashed detox diets (Doug Peters/PA)

“I wonder, firstly, how are they doing it? And how are they not punching people in the face, as I would be if I didn’t have meals to look forward to? But also, what is the point if you then go back to eating how you did before?”

The pair discussed their passion for food and the media “obsession” with diet advice to an audience at the Glamour Beauty Festival in London on Saturday.

“There are so many mixed messages out there,” said Fearne, who has so far penned two cookery books encouraging people to prepare their own meals using natural and normal ingredients.

Fearne Cotton
The star is a fan of healthy eating (Ian West/PA)

“All this advertising of things like low-fat options are really a hangover from the 1970s when everything was all sugar-laden, then suddenly fat got a bad name out of nowhere.

“How do we break those myths that are so ingrained in our conscience?”

Food-writer Amelia made a start by dismissing the outdated Government “five-a-day” scheme, which she said “was not based on anything”.

Fearne Cotton
Fearne was a guest at the Glamour Beauty Festival (Ian West/PA)

Pointing out that ingredients and diets affect everyone differently, Fearne said: “I get a swollen tongue when I eat tomatoes and strawberries. I don’t know what that’s all about.”

But the 35-year-old admitted that sharing pictures of her meals on social media was her favourite guilty pleasure when it comes to food trends.

“I love being voyeuristic about other people’s food,” she told the audience.