Hair salon owner shows what using the wrong shampoo does to your hair and the internet is horrified

Hair salon owner shows what using the wrong shampoo does to your hair and the internet is horrified

A Facebook post from a hair salon owner in Canada has gone viral after apparently showing the damage a high-street shampoo can do to coloured hair.

Rachel Trach uploaded a video showing an experiment using a “professional salon product” – a Unite 7 Seconds Shampoo (which sells for £19.99 on eBay) and a “drug store product” – which appears to be TRESemme’s Gentle Hydration Shampoo (currently not available in the UK).

After pouring each shampoo into two different glasses of water, Trach then added a lock of what appears to be coloured hair into each glass.

Rachel Trach – Did my own little experiment…

While the water barely changed colour in the glass containing Unite shampoo, the TRESemme version appeared to strip the dye off the lock of hair, turning the water in the glass into a deep shade of purple.

Trach’s video has had more than five million views and over 48,000 Facebook shares with many users voicing their concerns over using TRESemme, with one user saying: “I need to stop using Tresemme” and another adding: “More people need to see this (video).”

Others expressed disbelief at the instant loss of colour, with one user commenting: “I can't believe it stripped so much colour so quickly.”

One of the main ingredients in the TRESemme shampoo that Trach used is Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) – a chemical compound responsible for making your shampoo foam.

Salon video.
(Rachel Trach/Facebook screenshot)

While SLES is commonly found in many beauty products, it is generally not used in shampoos for coloured hair as it tends to fade the dye quite quickly.

Also, the TRESemme shampoo used in the experiment is not specifically targeted at coloured hair but the brand does sell other products specifically for those who use hair dye.

A spokesman from Unilever, which owns TRESemme, commented: “The product featured in the video promises to increase volume and lift – it is not formulated to lock in colour.

“For coloured hair, we recommend using a different product from the range which is designed for colour treated hair and keeps hair colour vibrant for up to eight weeks.”