This woman was 'turned away from a job interview at Boots because she wasn't dressed conservatively enough'

This woman was 'turned away from a job interview at Boots because she wasn't dressed conservatively enough'


Before Rosie Reilly turned up for an interview at Boots Opticians in Richmond, she spent almost an hour making sure her “hair, make-up and outfit were perfect”.

But after being invited into the office, where she was asked the basics about things like previous jobs, 26-year-old Rosie was told she would be unable to continue.

Why? Because she wasn’t “dressed conservatively enough”.

Rosie, who lives in Colchester, Essex, said she was told the second part of the interview would to be conducted on the shop floor, and that she could come back on Thursday wearing something more appropriate.

“She didn’t say anything specific about my appearance, although she did gesture at my clothes,” explained Rosie. “Also she asked if I could wear my hair in a more conservative way, which I said I could wear it natural and flat and she replied with ‘.More conservatively’.”

Rosie, who has worked in retail before and has been looking for a job for four months, said she felt embarrassed after the interviewer’s comments but it wasn’t until later on that what happened hit her.

“I was on the bus journey back to my girlfriend’s house and I burst into tears,” she admitted.

“It also made me question my worth and potential and made me doubt myself.”

But she said she hopes this makes Boots – and the person who interviewed her – realise people aren’t afraid to speak out about their negative experiences.

She decided to take to Twitter to share her story, along with pictures of what she says she wore to the interview, where it’s had thousands of likes and retweets.

“99.9% of people have been so positive and sent me lovely messages… The love and support has been almost overwhelming and I’m so grateful”, said Rosie.

Her experience is certainly getting a lot of attention, with people not only empathising with Rosie regarding her experience but also sending a lot of love her way for her style.

And a number of high-profile people have even responded to Rosie’s tweet to show their support.

A Boots Opticians spokesman said: “We're disappointed to hear about the candidate's experience in her interview and we are investigating the matter further.”

Meanwhile, Rosie said she’s still positive about future interviews elsewhere.

She added: “I’m not going to change a single thing about my image (unless their uniform policy calls for it!) and, if anything, it’s made me even more adamant to find myself a job.”