Nike has launched a sporty new hijab for Muslim athletes

Nike has launched a sporty new hijab for Muslim athletes

Nike has brought out a hijab specially designed for Muslim women to wear while they exercise.

The product’s campaign features the UAE’s pro figure skater Zahra Lari wearing the garment ahead of its release in Spring 2018.

The Nike Pro Hijab has been in development for more than a year after being tested by the sportswear company with help from female Muslim athletes like Lari.

A model in the hijab
The hijab is made of a single layer of stretchy breathable fabric (Nike)

Nike has beaten other major brands to tap into the Muslim market for modest sportswear.

Although sports hijabs have been around for a while, Nike’s version features the iconic tick, which the brand says was requested by their testers.

Lari, who hopes to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics, said on her Instagram: “Can’t believe this is finally here!!”

Pro figure skater Zahra Lari models the hijab (Nike)
Pro figure skater Zahra Lari models the hijab (Nike)

The polyester headscarf is made of breathable fabric, but is still opaque, as convention demands of the garment.

It comes in three dark neutral colours, and will be available to buy from early 2018.

Muslim women expressed delight on social media that they would now be able to truly wear the brand from head to toe.

Others weren’t feeling it, as smaller brands are already making hijabs for sport.

Nike seems to be doing a lot lately to help all types of women exercise, having just introduced a plus size range.

And the hijab announcement comes just a day after the company dropped a radical new advert for an Arabic audience, showcasing women in sport.

We’re sure to start seeing the brand’s headgear in elite sport competitions, as well as on Muslim women down the gym who just want to wear the brand while they work out.