The UK's favourite pizza topping has been revealed and it definitely isn't pineapple

The UK's favourite pizza topping has been revealed and it definitely isn't pineapple


What makes the perfect pizza? Ever since Iceland’s president revealed he would ban pineapple as a topping if he could, the tricky topic has been debated even more than usual.

If you’re pro-pineapple, it’s been difficult to fight your case without people scoffing at you. Meanwhile, supporters of toppings which are often overlooked may have been left feeling slighted.

But YouGov decided it was time to conduct a survey to find out, once and for all, what really is the UK’s most liked pizza topping.

And, props to mushroom – the vegetable won with 65% of votes.

Mushrooms, you the real MVP.

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Some people are shocked by these results. Obviously.

But it wasn’t just mushrooms that came out of this survey well – people were allowed to select as many toppings as they liked to go on their dream pizza and there were seven that were enjoyed by more than half of Brits.

Take onion, for example – 62% of people voted for them, while 61% voted for ham. Peppers got 60% of the vote, 56% included chicken and the same percentage of Brits went for pepperoni. Tomato (as a topping) raked in 51% of the votes.

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And the least popular items? Tuna, with 22% of the votes, while only 18% of people went for anchovy. Soz, seafood-on-pizza fans.

YouGov also conducted a separate survey asking “to what extent do you like or dislike pineapple on pizza”. And in those results, 53% of people said that they enjoyed the tangy fruit as a topping.

So, there you have it. Mushrooms may reign mighty as the ultimate topping but pineapple lovers, the next time people doubt you, you can say “well, 53% of Brits like it on their pizza”.

You can carry on with your day now that’s settled.