'Nevertheless she persisted': Loads of women queued up to get the same badass feminist tattoo

'Nevertheless she persisted': Loads of women queued up to get the same badass feminist tattoo

If you quite literally want to wear your feminist heart on your sleeve, then one of these tattoos might be for you.

In Minneapolis, 150 women queued up for an inking of the words “nevertheless she persisted” or simply “she persisted” after a Facebook event was accidentally set to public instead of private.

Graphic designer Chelsea Brink designed the lettering originally for blogger Nora McInerny and she took to Facebook to get a few friends involved too.

But after accidentally setting the page to public, thousands said they wanted to join her.

As it turned out, 150 women (and a man or two) showed up to get the feminist slogan at Brass Knuckle Tattoo Studio in a nine hour session.

The infamous quote “nevertheless she persisted” was originally uttered by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell while he was trying to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren. It has now become a badge of honour for many women.

Nora McInerny told the StarTribune: “Those words remind me of every woman I know who has kept going even though it’s difficult or it might make you unpoular. I just thought it was a perfectly beautiful sentiment.”

She added: “Did I ever think I’d get a Mitch McConnell quote tattooed on my body? No, I did not. But those are three words that any woman would be able to see themselves in, regardless of politics.”

The inking cost $75 (£60) with $55 (£44) of each tattoo donated to charity and the event raised more than $4,000 for non-profit agency Women Winning, which supports pro-choice politicians. We’re into that.

Nasty woman anyone?