Martin Kemp blames years on stage for tinnitus and hearing loss

Martin Kemp blames years on stage for tinnitus and hearing loss

Let It Shine judge Martin Kemp has blamed almost 40 years in the music industry for a maddening case of tinnitus.

The former Spandau Ballet star said he now suffers from worse hearing following his years touring global stages in the 1980s.

According to The Daily Mail, he said: “There is a whistling in my ears all the time… During the day I don’t notice it, but as soon as it goes quiet, or I’m in bed, I can hear it… It drives me a bit crazy sometimes.”

Martin still performing in 2010.
Martin still performing in 2010 (Chris Ison/PA)

Revealing that his brother and bandmate Gary has been left with a similar problem, he said: “I went to have a test because of the tinnitus and was taken aback when the audiologist said that I have hearing loss.”

The 55-year-old added that the issue may be the result of standing in front of towers of “incredibly loud” amplifiers on stage and using in-ear monitors.

But despite his hearing problems, he was still able to join Gary Barlow on the BBC singing show to help pick out a central cast for an upcoming musical based on the career of Take That.

Male group Five To Five were crowned winners in the show’s final on Saturday night.

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