Tamara Ecclestone supports breastfeeding with striking photo

Tamara Ecclestone supports breastfeeding with striking photo

Tamara Ecclestone has shared a photograph of herself breastfeeding her two-year-old daughter Sophia, the latest in a line of similar shots.

Tamara, 32, is an advocate of breastfeeding and recently said that she would keep on with it until her daughter is four.

Along with the striking snap – taken by photographer Ivette Ivens – she wrote: “Thank you @ivetteivens for capturing this beautiful moment this is by far my favourite photograph but mainly thank you for spreading this message.

“Breastfeeding is a powerful demonstration of love and nurturing yet it has become so normal to hide.”

She added: “I want to take that normal and toss it.”

Tamara, the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, frequently posts pictures of herself breastfeeding Sophia – who turns three in March – and stands up to those who criticise her for doing so.

In an interview with Fabulous magazine in October, she said: “It’s something that is so natural.

Tamara Ecclestone
Tamara Ecclestone (Owen Humphreys/PA)

“When there are people walking around the streets these days in thongs and bras, I’m like: ‘Really? Can anyone say anything?’. I find it bizarre what people’s priorities are.”

She said that, although paediatricians say it’s “uncommon” to breastfeed past the age of four, it’s something she’ll think about when the time comes.

Tamara, whose husband is businessman Jay Rutland, said: “We’ll cross that bridge if it comes to it, but for now she’s my baby. You’re doing something that is so amazing for your child, but it can cause such hostility and anger.

“It makes me wonder what's wrong with the world. Breastfeeding is such a natural thing.”