16 awkward gym moments that every person trying to get fit will relate to

16 awkward gym moments that every person trying to get fit will relate to



As if gyms weren’t already difficult, what with the exercise and all, they can also summon the most awkward experiences.

If you enthusiastically joined a gym at the start of the new year, or began going to the one you already pay for (well done btw) then you may be able to relate to a few of these.

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1. The dreaded eye contact, awkward no matter what exercise you’re doing.

2. When you forget one vital piece of gym gear.

3. When social (clothing) norms don’t exist in changing rooms.

4. When skin tight gym clothes fail you.

5. And you can’t even trust your bra. 

6. When all you wanted was to Snapchat your progress.

7. When you find yourself in the completely wrong gym class.

8. When even the jacuzzi is stressful.

9. Everything about the thigh adductor machine.

10. When your music is just a little too loud, on just the wrong song.

11. When you have to wait to use the equipment but don’t know where to look.

12. When you just want to do squats in peace. 

13. When you realise someone is snooping at your treadmill and getting competitive.

14. When you’re accidentally in time with someone rowing next to you.

15. When you realised you’ve been overconfident and have to downgrade mid set.

16. When you outright just don’t know how to use something so you wing it.

Don’t worry, January is almost over guys.