#StopPresidentBannon is the hashtag taking down Donald Trump's right-hand man

#StopPresidentBannon is the hashtag taking down Donald Trump's right-hand man

As Donald Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon already holds a pretty important place in the White House. But with his new promotion to a role on the National Security Council (NSC), his influence on the country is about to get a whole lot greater – and people aren’t particularly happy about it.

The former executive chairman of Breitbart News has been criticised for his links to the alt-right and has been a major proponent of some of Trump’s more extreme executive orders – including the controversial travel ban.

Steve Bannon sign
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On Saturday, Trump signed a memorandum giving Bannon (along with his chief of staff Reince Priebus) a permanent position on the NSC – a highly unusual move.

Many people are worried Bannon is exerting a huge amount of power over President Trump’s decisions – and #StopPresidentBannon started trending.

Many people are worried he is actually more damaging than Trump.

However, others are less surprised by Bannon’s apparent influence over the president.

Priebus and Bannon’s appointments to the NSC means that the director of national intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff no longer have a permanent seat at the table. This is likely to mean that Bannon’s influence on both foreign and domestic policy will continue to grow.