Burns Night: 7 alternative ideas for haggis that actually look delicious

Burns Night: 7 alternative ideas for haggis that actually look delicious

If the sight of a big haggis turns you off a bit, we’re here to prove the Scottish delicacy is tastier and more versatile than you might think.

January 25 marks the annual celebration of the life and work of Scottish poet Robert Burns. There are many ways to get into the spirit – a ceilidh, whisky or a kilt – but one of the most important traditions is the savoury pudding made from sheep offal, suet, spices and oatmeal  - the humble haggis.

Burns Night tradition says that you must “address the haggis”, if you’re being really strict about it, while reading the Robert Burns poem of the same name, before shouting “the haggis!” while you cheers with whisky. So, yeah, it’s a pretty important slice of savoury pudding.

Now, we understand if this particular Scottish delicacy sounds a bit intimidating. Especially when it looks the way it does and you have no idea what to do with it…

So here are some other ways to try haggis this Burns Night.

1. Haggis scotch eggs

One way to dramatically improve anything is to add a runny egg. So here’s a recipe for Jamie Oliver’s haggis and pork scotch eggs. You just know they’ll be good.

2. Haggis sausage rolls

If a big pile of haggis isn’t your thing, pay homage to the Scottish tradition with these flaky, meaty mouthfuls. Here’s a great recipe from The Twice Bitten blog for a party, to impress your housemates, or scoff all of them yourself.

3. Haggis nachos

You don’t get many Scottish-Mexican hybrid dishes, but who says haggis nachos can’t be a thing? It has to be the easiest of all the options to make with this Flavour Seeker recipe.

4. Crispy fried haggis balls

There are many tasty looking varieties of these online, but this recipe from the Nick Nairn Cooking School, made with turmeric and paprika with a chilli dipping sauce on the side, might be our favourite.

5. Haggis pie

Embrace all things Burns Night with this Delia recipe including tatties, neeps and whisky sauce. It doesn’t get any more Scottish.

6. Chicken supreme stuffed with haggis

Chicken stuffed with haggis
(Donald Russell)


To please the haggis-sceptics, this Donald Russell recipe just uses the Scottish delicacy as a stuffing rather than the focus of the whole dish. It’s served with a whisky cream sauce. Erm, yum.

7. Steak and haggis burgers

Add an edge to a standard burger with haggis. This recipe from Genius Gluten free is, as you’d expect, gluten free. It includes a tasty sounding caramelised red onion relish.

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