Some fun facts about Milton Keynes on its 50th birthday

Some fun facts about Milton Keynes on its 50th birthday

Milton Keynes was founded following an Act of Parliament on January 23, 1967 – so, naturally, it celebrates its 50th birthday today.

On such a momentous day for Britain’s most famous new town of the 20th century, we thought we’d run you through a few of our top facts and things about the Buckinghamshire town.

The concrete cows have a rich history

We know you’ve been wondering what those odd-looking bovine characters are about.

According to their website, the cows were made out of concrete in 1978 by Canadian artist Liz Leyh on Stacey Hill Farm.

Cows in Milton Keynes
(Yui Mok/PA)

The cows have become a symbol of Milton Keynes across the nation. Sadly, their fame has lead to them being kidnapped, held ransom and vandalised.

The graffiti “BSE” is in reference to mad cow disease, while the cows have even also been repainted to appear as if they were wearing pyjamas.

MK cow face
(PA Video)

They didn’t ask for this barbarism.

It’s home to the Red Bull F1 team

Milton Keynes’ Tilbrook Industry estate is home to a plethora of companies selling coffee to keyboards – but it doesn’t get much more awesome than the Red Bull Formula One team.

Silverstone is only 20-odd minutes up the A5, too.

It’s starred in films

Superman IV: The Quest For Peace probably isn’t in your movie top 10 – but what if we told you 18 minutes of the movie was filmed in Milton Keynes?

Superman Christopher Reeve went to the Avebury Building and Milton Keynes’ railway station – the Home Retail Group’s canteen even acted as the Daily Planet Offices.

Minds blown.

And one heck of a music video

That’s right, Sir Cliff roller-skated around in the shopping centre.

Wonder what that looks like? You can watch the video here.

Let us know how long you lasted with that one…

It’s a world beater

Incredibly, according to Destination Milton Keynes, the town has more bridges than Venice – a city built on water.

What’s more, the size of its lakes means it’s got a longer coastline than Jersey. It also has more show homes than anywhere else in the UK.

It’s pretty

With 40% of Milton Keynes covered in green spaces, no one in the town is ever more than half a mile from a park and, amazingly, more than 22 million tress have been reportedly planted in the area.

Not as built-up as you might have expected, eh?

And it’s got some pretty proud residents

OK, Derren Brown is from Croydon, not Milton Keynes, but Twitter has been alive with celebration for the town’s 50-year celebration.

Some have even got the balloons out.

Nothing says pride like balloons.