Were Donald Trump's piles of folders just filled with blank paper?

Were Donald Trump's piles of folders just filled with blank paper?

At the end of Donald Trump’s press conference addressing fresh but unsubstantiated allegations of Russian ties, he gestured to a huge stack of folders next to him.

He announced the papers in the files were just some of the legal documents he had been signing to hand over his business interests to his sons prior to his inauguration as US president.

Were the documents real though?

Reporters at the event said they were not allowed to see the contents of Trump’s showpiece.

For some involved, the above picture of the papers was enough for them to conclude the pages were indeed blank. Legal documents are not written on A4 paper, as is allegedly used here, while it was also pointed out no page numbers can be seen on the inch of paper in view.

There was no shortage of people looking to call out Trump for the apparent act – and one or two looking to comment have some experience of props themselves.

Some thought using blank pages comes across as a bit of an insult.

And there were others speculating about what the folders were really hiding…

Not everyone thought the potential use of a prop was a bad thing, however.

The folders themselves also appeared to be blank. Although one particularly shrewd man thought there might be a clever reason for why the president-elect used them…