Meet Marlon Bundo: Mike Pence's pet bunny

Meet Marlon Bundo: Mike Pence's pet bunny

With a new administration imminently taking over in Washington DC, a lot of questions are being asked: what will their approach to immigration be? How will Donald Trump and Mike Pence handle the economy and race relations? And of course: what pets will be joining POTUS and the VP as they move into their new homes?

Well, now we’re a little closer to the answers we’ve been so desperately searching for, as the Pence family have moved into DC with their furry friends in tow. Meet bunny Marlon Bundo and cats Oreo and Pickle. Yes, those really are their names.

We’re pretty sure those animals are better treated than we’ve ever been: here are the cats being lovingly carried out of a private jet.

And here is the star of the show Marlon Bundo being towed off the plane like the biggest diva in the rabbit world.

Marlon Bundo
(Alex Brandon/AP)

People just can’t get over Marlon Bundo’s pun-tastic name.

It’s made some people warm to the VP a bit more.

Others are keen to explore the literary provenance of the bunny’s name.

Whereas some are more interested in the political acumen of the pets.

FYI, this isn’t all of the Pence pets: they also have a snake called Saphira who has remained in Mississippi with their son Michael – maybe the DC clime just isn’t for her.

Some people have a theory about why Pence has such cutely named pets.

It also made us forget for a hot second Pence’s stance on abortion and LGBT rights – but now we’re back.