9 things you do every day that you don't realise are good for you

9 things you do every day that you don't realise are good for you

Before you sign the contract for your brand spanking new gym membership this new year, hold up one second and ask yourself these questions…

Will I just use this for January and then never go again?
Will it be a massive waste of money?
Will I hate every minute of it?

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Don’t beat yourself up. Actually, there are some things that we all do on a day-to-day basis that are good for us and that we don’t give ourselves enough credit for.

Here are some simple things you are already doing, and could be doing more of, to make your life a little healthier.

1. Walking up stairs

Women walking up stairs
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Whether you like doing it or not, you probably have to walk up a few flights of stairs during each day. Always try to opt for the staircase over the lift and feel the burn in your legs.

2. Walking in general

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If you didn’t already know, that “heart” app that comes with your iPhone monitors how many steps you do in a day, providing you carry it around with you. You might be surprised with how many steps you actually do!

3. Drinking tea


Sure, you do need plain old water – BUT, drinking herbal or fruit teas is one way to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. There is conflicting evidence about caffeinated tea, and whether or not it is a diuretic which causes dehydration. But there are said to be benefits like the antioxidants in green tea which various studies have found to help the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel and help protect against cancer and degenerative diseases.

4. Clubbing

A nightclub
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Well, maybe not if you’re downing eight Jagerbombs each time you go out…but dancing for five hours straight is a great way to lose calories. Swings and roundabouts.

5. Carrying your shopping

People carrying shopping bags
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Do you even lift, bro?

6. Leaving your desk at work

Office worker
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Your boss might grumble (although they shouldn’t) but it’s important for your mental health to get up away from your computer and to have a walk around for a few minutes. It’s also very bad for your eyes to stare at a computer screen for eight hours without a break.

7. Stretching

Footballers stretching
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Are you one of those people who loves waking up in the morning to a good long stretch? Yes? Well, you could be on to a good thing here. Stretching your muscles makes for easier movement and promotes healthy joints.

8. Having a lie in

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Enough sleep is a vital component in the makings of your healthy self – physically and mentally. Not getting enough can affect our weight, memory, concentration, stress levels, and our ability to cope with everyday life. Plus sometimes, you just really need a lie in.

9. Having dessert

Chocolate and raspberry cake
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And finally, enjoy indulgence. If chocolate and cream are both integral to your happiness, it is important to include them in your life, if only in small quantities.

(That’s what we can keep telling ourselves, anyway.)