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Radio review: The loneliness of the meal-for-one

Nuala McCann
The Food Programme: How We Eat: Living Alone IS it dinner, supper or tea in the evening? People used to have dinner in the middle of the day and tea at night, or did you call that supper? It was a class thing.

TV review: War makes monsters of men

Billy Foley
The Vietnam War, BBC 4, Monday at 10pm I think we all understand that war dehumanises, but rarely do you hear it explained so clearly as by one American soldier in the brilliant Vietnam War documentary.

Watch this: Red Dwarf XII

David Roy
'THE boys from the Dwarf' (waggle your hands) are back again as the hit sci-fi sitcom returns to Dave for another six servings of entertainingly juvenile space-set shenanigans.

Meet Gogglebox's Giles and Mary at Mount Stewart Conversations Festival

David Roy
OF ALL the participants featured on Channel 4's unlikely 'watching people watching telly'-based hit Gogglebox, eccentric middle-class couple Giles and Mary are definitely among the most memorable thanks to their deadpan manner, eclectic fashion sense and shabby chic decorating aesthetic.

Radio review: Recalling journalist Seamus Kelters

Nuala McCann
Sunday Sequence Radio Ulster Five Poems I Wish I Had Written Radio 3 Sunday Sequence featured just one of a series of moving tributes to BBC and former Irish News journalist Seamus Kelters who died recently.

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