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Jamie Dornan and Matthew Rhys on Eugene McCabe's Death And Nightingales

Gail Bell
A LONG, dark tunnel is faintly illuminated by slivers of light spilling through cracks in the low, arched stonework overhead; an indistinct scurrying intensifies – a mouse, or, worse, a rat? It is bumpy underfoot and we fumble our way along with the help of someone's mobile phone torch, tip-toeing tentatively along the uneven path towards the light.

Radio review: Ghostly tales good in small doses

Nuala McCann
Spooked Podcast The Food Programme Radio 4 Halloween is over, but If you haven’t had enough of ghosties and ghoulies and three-legged thingummyjjgs, then the podcast, Spooked, will bring a suitable shiver to your spine.

TV review: Why is the BBC paying the dinner bill?

Billy Foley
Guy Martin - The World’s Fastest Van, Channel 4, Monday at 9pm You may remember Guy Martin racing across the Nevada desert at 165mph in his Ford Transit van, well he’s back again to see if he can get it going even faster.