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Radio review: What not to say to menopausal women

Nuala McCann
Five things not to say to menopausal women: Afternoon Edition 5 Live Paul’s cancer diary 5 Live I’ve a friend who swears that the menopause played a leading role in the break-up of her marriage.

Games: Tropical Freeze proves Donkey Kong can still hold his own

Neil McGreevy
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Switch) By: Nintendo FROM grinding organs and flinging poop at zoo-goers to testing the sexiest of make-ups, the humble monkey was handcrafted by God to bring pleasure to humans – but none more so than Donkey Kong.

Radio review: Sharpening up the witty one-liners

Nuala McCann
Sharp – The Women who made an art of having an opinion - Radio 4 Michelle Dean’s book Sharp – The Women who made an art of having an opinion – kicked off on radio with the queen of the one-liners Dorothy Parker.

Radio review: Undressing taboos about nudity

Nuala McCann
The Naked Podcast BBC Radio Sheffield They call themselves “two besties in the buff” and, honestly, it seems such a gimmick for two radio presenters – Jenny Eells and Kat Harbourne – to take off their clothes and interview a guest who also gets her kit off for the occasion.

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