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Radio review: Beyond Brexit, Belfast buzzes with stories

"The couple who had just got married were much more talkative"

Where are you going? - Belfast, BBC World Service

CATHERINE Carr is curious - she stops people and asks them where they're going.

She sounds easy and breezy, travelling from city to city, but she slips in a heavy question and there's a sudden key change - a major to minor, as the song says - and the conversation dips into more than a chat... sudden truths told by strangers.

She got a beautiful day for Belfast. It was back in February - Valentine's Day - and the sun was shining.

A man in a van was delivering flowers, he opened the doors and she gasped at so many bouquets.

"Are you a romantic?" she asked.

But he closed the door on the van and blocked the chat with a blunt Belfast: "No."

The couple who had just got married were much more talkative.

You can see their photo on the website - she has beautiful long, bluish-purple hair, they are young and in love.

For the wedding, she wore a white jumpsuit.

"It was Valentine's Day, so why not?" said the groom about the wedding.

She's 18 and he's 24. Sounds like love. They're leaving a lot of the past behind, they said.

"We just want to create a family that's not split and keep it together," she says... and their story lingers just out of reach.

Catherine catches up with a group of students chatting.

A woman is doing a masters in law. Why?

"I was in an abusive relationship... I needed to affirm that I can do things and I'm not stupid," she says.

You're clearly not, Catherine tells her.

At St George's Market, a man is carrying a box of veg home.

He has been to China overland, it took him a year. He doesn't like flying for ecological reasons. He took the Trans-Siberian railway home.

A woman talks about the old market and about Galloper Thompson, the headless horseman, who hanged himself in the mill and whose ghost rode his horse up and down the road.

From hipster cafes - bring your beard oil and order a fancy coffee - to old Galloper, there were tales a plenty.

Forget Brexit, here was a city buzzing with stories.

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