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Radio review: Treading streets of Belfast gives even Kermode Good Vibrations

Kermode on Film - Episode three

IT'S a new podcast series from film critic Mark Kermode, and by episode three we're dandering through Belfast with composer, director and all-round legend David Holmes.

He's behind the series music for Killing Eve.

But they're talking Good Vibrations where David was producer, adviser and general spiritual guide.

By the way, Kermode "loves it to pieces".

There was a warm fuzzy vibe about this, which is not so very usual Kermode. Let's say he doesn't miss and hit the wall.

But he has a soft spot for Good Vibrations - the story of a certain record shop, a certain Terri Hooley and the Undertones.

Holmes loves him too.

Terri is "a very, very bright one-eyed man", known as "Terri with an i" and the "Peter Pan of music".

"He would sit here, wax lyrical, talk sh**e and be generally inspirational," said Holmes.

The podcast featured a touching moment when Holmes described how he was a young mod hanging about Terri's record shop on Great Victoria Street when one day Terri pulled out an old wooden crate packed with seven-inch records - true treasure.

"He gave me those records and said 'pay me back one day when you have money'," he said.

"I ended up avoiding him for about 10 years.

"But the minute I earned some money - I'm very proud of this - I walked into his shop with my head held high and said there's the money for the records."

This was genuine, warm, fun-loving banter about film and Belfast.

It ended with a confession about a nibble on Satan's scrotum - now, there's a secret worth digging out...

At times in these podcasts Kermode races along like a runaway train. He has too much to pack in.

But pay a visit to his version of Hell's Video Store - an endless repository of stinky celluloid, the worst of the worst films ever. It's worth a smile.

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