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Sleb Safari: Goop needs you

Maeve Connolly
DO YOU like jade eggs and working for free for someone who has millions in the bank and the same amount in property? You do? Then Sleb Safari has intel on an opportunity which could be right up your street.

Sleb Safari: Gemma Collins for the Dancing on Ice win

Maeve Connolly
SLEB Safari never ceases to be amazed that Dancing On Ice returns year after year with celebrities clambering over each other to buck lep across a slippery surface wearing boots with actual blades on the soles.

Sleb Safari - Jo Malone is a dynamo

Maeve Connolly
JO MALONE, she of the spendy scents, has always struck Sleb Safari as the type who gets more done in an afternoon that most achieve in a week.