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Sleb Safari: Taylor Swift has done a Rihanna

Maeve Connolly
IT’S been a trying sort of a year for Taylor Swift which saw her win a court case involving a radio DJ who sexually assaulted her then claimed she had had him sacked by making false accusations.

Sleb Safari: Harrison Ford once punched Ryan Gosling

TABLE quiz fans, did you know that at the start of Harrison Ford’s career movie studio bosses wanted him to change his name and he proposed changing it to Kurt Affair? He chose the name because he thought the idea was ridiculous and it was the most ridiculous name he could think of.

Bangladesh restricts movement of Rohingya refugees in border camps

Julhas Alam
BANGLADESHI authorities have taken steps to restrict the movement of Muslim Rohingya refugees living in crowded border camps after fleeing violence as Burma's military chief maintained the chaos was the work of extremists seeking a stronghold in the country.

Sleb Safari: Oprah Winfrey has life figured out and then some

Maeve Connolly
DO YOU remember when you used to catch The Oprah Winfrey Show at odd hours in your student house courtesy of the NTL box you had installed once you left home and learned there were more than seven TV channels available? There was no need to go to the library when you could learn all you believed you needed to know from Oprah.

Scarlet Johansson and co on their Rough Night

IT IS a roller-coaster of death, crime, politics and stomach-churning gags, but the real message behind the new 'R-rated' (a 15 certificate in the north and Britain) comedy Rough Night is the value of friendship.

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