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Sleb Safari: Will your Christmas Eve party be anything like the Kardashians'?

Maeve Connolly
IF YOU need a reminder that the Kardashians lead a life sooooooo far removed from your own that’s it practically in another galaxy, let Sleb Safari take you by the elbow and steer you gently towards the latest edition of Glamour magazine where momager Kris Jenner talks about how her family celebrates Christmas.

Sleb Safari: Celine Dion's heart and dance moves will go on

Claire Simpson
TWENTY years after Kate Winslet's Rose decided she’d rather see Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack sink into the icy Atlantic and die than share a raft with him in Titanic, the stand-out star of that three-and-a-quarter hour monstrosity will always be the title song.

Sleb Safari: Taylor Swift has done a Rihanna

Maeve Connolly
IT’S been a trying sort of a year for Taylor Swift which saw her win a court case involving a radio DJ who sexually assaulted her then claimed she had had him sacked by making false accusations.

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