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Rapper 'Diddy' tops celebrity rich list

Lucy Mapstone, Press Association
JK Rowling has been named the richest British celebrity in the world upon her return to Forbes' annual rich list following a three-year hiatus.

Sleb Safari: Beyoncé's dance captain Ashley Everett spills the beans

Maeve Connolly
CONTINUING our day in the life features which have taught us that Naomi Campbell likes Galaxy bars and a clean colon and that Kim Kardashian’s executive assistant would take a bullet for her, allow Sleb Safari to introduce you to one of Beyoncé’s backing dancers.

Sleb Safari: Naomi Campbell - A day in the life

Maeve Connolly
NAOMI Campbell, who is too beautiful to look at without first warming up your eyes with a few stretches and a puff of Deep Heat, has been interviewed by The Sunday Times about being Naomi Campbell.

Paris Hilton invented the selfie, ok?

Maeve Connolly
SLEB Safari joins you today from outside Paris Hilton’s home where it’s carrying a Chihuahua, wearing a trucker hat, cropped top, low-slung jeans, heels and the colour pink, all over.

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