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"We're facing real problems right now, so we need to take action.

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"I haven't danced since I was seven, since I was sacked from ballet because I looked like a big pudding, a rice pudding, that was my nickname.

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"This is a love letter to my younger self, my older self, my two girls who are going to battle with their idea of perfect, my mum, my sisters, my aunties and every woman who looks in the mirror and doesn't love what they see.

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"If I was having a bad day, I knew that mum was going through so much more.

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio make beautiful art

Maeve Connolly
ONCE again, we find ourselves indebted to a showbiz ‘source’ for giving us a peek behind the velvet curtain; to wit, we’ve been gifted the information that Brad Pritt and Leonardo DiCaprio like to spend their evenings making beautiful art.

Sleb Safari: Strictly Come Dancing needs Adrian Dunbar

Maeve Connolly
SLEB Safari had to leave a shop recently when a sales assistant said "are you looking for something for yourself, or a gift? It is nearly Christmas" and her colleague commented that the weather made it feel like winter.

Sir Ian McKellen on being King Lear, the importance of 'seeing buttons' and the joy of imagination at the theatre

Gail Bell
IF, AS Shakespeare imagines, 'all the world's a stage', then surely no-one has made a more dramatic mark on it than Sir Ian McKellen, with spell-binding, nuanced portrayals of everyone from the Bard's King Lear to Gandalf in Lord of The Rings, Magneto in the X-Men films and even Gus (the 'theatre cat', what else?) in Andrew Lloyd Webber's famous feline musical, Cats.