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Sleb Safari: Kate Beckinsale and the mystery of the bunny rabbit

WAS it you? Answer me. Was it you who sent a rabbit anonymously to Kate Beckinsale? Well, was it? Kate, actor, owner of two Persian cats and fully paid up subscriber to Jennifer Lopez’s elixir of youth smoothie delivery service, opened her front door to find a rabbit in a cage, plus a bag of rabbit food and a basket filled with rose petals.

Sleb Safari's lockdown life is measured in snacks

Maeve Connolly
CAN we talk about lockdown lard? People have been musing about how the coronavirus crisis has made them realise what’s important and what’s not and they’ve ruminated on the things they’ll leave behind when we reach the other side.

Sleb Safari: The dos and don'ts of lockdown

Maeve Connolly
HELLO again, how is lockdown treating you? We’re all feeling it in different ways and it’s important to take the whole thing very seriously indeed, including adhering to that one daily foray into the outside world to stretch your legs.