Random Act Of Kindness

Panic as handbag left behind in Marks and Spencer shopping trolley

IT'S three days after Christmas and you've got a quantity of Christmas cash in your handbag plus a purse full of cards from credit to 'enjoy your 10th coffee on us', a work phone and personal phone as well as the usual debris at the bottom of every women's bag.

You take a quick scoot to Sprucefield to pick up groceries for impending visitors. You're working to a deadline as one of the visitors is already on the bus from Dublin Airport to Belfast so you race round Marks and Spencer like a contestant on Supermarket Sweep. Shopping done and paid for, you load up the car and set off for the bus station.

It's on that journey that you realise your handbag is still in the M&S shopping trolley... 

This is Anne Cadwallader's story and Anne Cadwallader's panic. 

"I realised what I had done on my way home to Belfast but couldn't turn round straight away as I was picking up a visitor from Paris off the Dublin Airport bus at Glengall Street," Anne explained.

"The poor man was rushed straight back to Sprucefield. I was frantic."

Luckily for Anne someone had spotted her handbag and handed it in to M&S customer services and the waves of panic turned to relief when she was reunited with bag and contents.

She wants to say a "heartfelt thanks to the kind person" who did the right thing at Sprucefield on December 28 2019.

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Random Act Of Kindness