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Thank you to a 'stubborn and sassy' Value Cabs taxi driver

 Darryl Campbell went above and beyond to thank a Value Cabs driver who had gone above and beyond to help him

A night out and lost keys go hand in hand. When it happened to Darryl Campbell it led to an adventure that saw him 'breaking into' a taxi company, leaving a tub of home made curry in a café and marvelling at the "stubbornness and sass" of a taxi driver.

The adventure began at 3.30am when Darryl realised he had lost his keys at some point during a cracking night out.

After a few hours' sleep at a friend's house he began ringing around. The club. His landlord. Finally, Value Cabs. Bingo. Darryl had left his keys in a taxi at the very beginning of the night.

The only problem was that the taxi driver, Keith, was on a job in Dublin and so were Darryl's keys.

Darryl passed the time in a south Belfast café until Keith could meet him.

"Keith comes to Sinnamon Coffee, because he’s sound. We meet. He hurls abuse at me and generally laughs at me for being a mess. I agree with him. I offer him money. He speeds off yelling ‘I’m not taking anything from you’.

"I’m inspired by Keith’s stubbornness and sass so I must gift him something."

Darryl chose "a cute card" and a Starbucks gift voucher. So far, so straightforward. Darryl's next challenge is delivering the gift and that's where the real adventure began.

"I take my card to Value Cabs' head office and somehow break in. Jessica, a lovely admin lady, has no idea how I got in. I have no idea how I got in but I’m standing inside an empty building and she comes down the stairs all scared like ‘helllooooooooo’. 

"At this point, Jessica thinks I’ve broken the door. I think I’ve broken the door. I camp it up to let her know I’m here, I’m queer, and I’m not to be feared. 

"Jessica confirms Keith’s details are correct and promises she’ll get the card and gift to him. I thank her, tell her the story and she laughs. I think she likes me. I hope she does. I like her at this point as the police aren’t outside." 

Darryl's reason for getting in touch with the Irish News?

"Keith, if you’re reading this, you’re a legend. Thanks for going the extra mile and being chill. Good people deserve shout outs. 

"Oh. And it turns out that I left a tub of curry my dad made for me in Sinnamon Coffee whilst rushing to meet Keith. The saga continues."

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Random Act Of Kindness