Random Act Of Kindness

Laura Manni and Mike - a New York take on a random act of kindness

When Laura Manni lost her bag in New York she thought she could kiss goodbye to her passport and purse... Mike had other ideas. This is Laura's story

 Laura Manni with Mike, the stranger who went above and beyond to return her purse

Mike works at the grocery store four blocks from my apartment in New York City. A total stranger until he became an angel in my life.

He was the man who found my bike bag, filled with more important things than I ever carry with me, including my passport, all credit cards, cash, clothing etc. He found this bag stranded on 2nd Avenue. It had fallen off my bike as I was peddling and I had no idea until I reached my destination - kilometers away.

I was distraught, knowing the contents of the bag and because I was supposed to travel to Kenya a couple of weeks later. I retraced my ride, asking anyone and everyone I could. Nothing came of it. When I went to the police station to report the bag stolen they told me I had to go back to where I discovered the bag was missing. Dejected, I went home and started to put holds on all my cards and delayed calling the Canadian consulate to report my passport missing because I knew that came with a whole host of problems.

But while all this was happening, Mike my angel entered the picture. Mike was helping unload produce when he saw my bag stranded in the bike path. He stopped what he was doing to save it from being hit by bikes, cars and truck.

While I was busy on the phone and eventually at work where I was trying to keep  my mind off of it and still hoping it would be found Mike was on his own mission to reunite the bag with its owner.

He managed to find my address in my bag and walked the four blocks to my apartment. He confirmed that I lived there and asked for my phone number which I had left in the unlikely event that anyone came looking for me or to deliver my bag. Mike took my phone number and called me. I remember I was sitting with a colleague at my office when the call came in. I didn't recognize the number but picked up. "Hi, this is Mike from Morton Williams on 2nd Avenue. Did you by chance lose your bag today?" And hours later I was reunited with my bag.

This is what human care and kindness look like. Mike is no longer just a guy working at the grocery store down the street. He is someone I admire deeply.

I told people on social media at the time "If you happen to live in this neighbourhood and frequent the Morton and Williams then stop by and tell him he is one of the good ones."

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Random Act Of Kindness

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