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Honda Civic: Does X mark the spot?

William Scholes
Honda has been building a Civic since 1972. How does the latest, 10th generation car stack up against its family car rivals?

BMW's new X3 multiplies SUV choice

William Scholes
EVEN for those of us who take a close interest in the comings and goings in the car market, it is getting hard to summon much enthusiasm when a new SUV is announced

Volkswagen mints new Polo

William Scholes
THE evergreen Volkswagen Polo has been with us for so long that Gordon Brown - remember him? - was still Prime Minister when the current version was launched in 2009.

BMW's big hatchback becomes 6 Series Gran Turismo

William Scholes
IN a strategy which has previously allowed it to liberate more money from its customers' pockets, BMW is renaming the car previously known as the 5 Series Gran Turismo... as the 6 Series Gran Turismo.

Best new cars named

AUTO Trader, one of the go-to places to search for a new or used car, has held its first 'New Car Awards', naming the 10 cars its says can "truly be described as consumer car champions".

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