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Alfa Romeo Stelvio should be hard to pass

William Scholes
CHASING in the tyre tracks of the Giulia comes the Stelvio SUV - the car that should, if there is any justice, sell like hot torte for Alfa Romeo

Audi A8: The car of the future, now

William Scholes
The new Audi A8 is more high-tech than any car which shares its name with the road to Larne has a right to expect

Honda Civic: Does X mark the spot?

William Scholes
Honda has been building a Civic since 1972. How does the latest, 10th generation car stack up against its family car rivals?

BMW's new X3 multiplies SUV choice

William Scholes
EVEN for those of us who take a close interest in the comings and goings in the car market, it is getting hard to summon much enthusiasm when a new SUV is announced

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