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Bentley Bentayga Falconry: 'Fly, my pretties'

William Scholes
29 May, 2017 00:00

I don't know about you, but I always find it tricky to know what to get the falconry enthusiast in my life at Christmas.

Help is at hand, though, thanks to Bentley.

Its Mulliner 'personal commissioning division' has launched a special version of its Bentayga SUV which it says comes complete with "all the equipment required for an enjoyable falconry expedition".

This obviously includes several perches for your falcons as well as a tether on the central armrest and compartments for your GPS bird trackers.

Bentley Bentayga Falconry

The standard of craftsmanship and the quality of the materials used is clearly extraordinary.

"At the heart of the Bentayga Falconry by Mulliner are two individual natural-cork-fabric-trimmed units: a master flight station and a refreshment case," says Bentley.

"These sit on a movable tray that allows for easy access.

"Inside the master flight unit is a special piano black veneered drawer - with a saker falcon crest - containing bespoke storage for all the equipment required for this unique sport.

"Beneath this is a laser-embossed hotspur hide stowage tray with individual compartments for a GPS bird tracking unit, binoculars and hand-crafted leather bird hoods and gauntlets, all of which are available as an additional option.

"The refreshment case houses three metal flasks and durable cups, a blanket and refreshing face cloths."

And so it goes on...

As well as offering some of its most well-heeled customers in the Middle East a special car, the Bentayga Falconry serves as a showcase for Bentley's craftsmanship and its ability to produce highly bespoke vehicles.

"The Bentayga Falconry showcases what's possible with our skilled craftspeople," says Geoff Dowding from the company.

"They can devise elegant and exquisitely executed bespoke solutions to compliment any lifestyle or hobby. 

"Falconry is regarded as the sport of kings in the Middle East, so it was vital that the kit we created was as luxurious as it was practical and durable to appeal to our valued customers there and around the world."

Needless to say, if you have to ask, you can't afford it...

Bentley Bentayga Falconry

29 May, 2017 00:00 Motors

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