Hyundai has the Endurance to cope with whatever you can throw at it

William Scholes
27 April, 2017 01:00

HYUNDAI builds its cars pretty tough - tough enough, even, to cross the Antarctic.

One of its Santa Fe SUVs recently crossed the continent with only limited modifications - the first time a production car has achieved the feat.

The car was driven by polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton's great grandson Patrick Bergel, travelling from Union Camp to McMurdo and back again to commemorate Shackleton's 1914-1916 Trans Antarctic expedition.

Bergel's car was a 2.2-litre diesel model fitted with large, low-pressure tyres, a 250-litre fuel tank and a pre-heater to help prevent the cold from freezing the fuel system.

Hyundai is marking the achievement with a run of 500 Santa Fe Endurance limited editions.

Based on the 2.2-litre seven-seat Premium SE model, the Endurance features 19-inch alloy wheels, 'Endurance' logos and a choice of five limited run colours, including the same metallic Mineral Blue that Bergel's car was painted.

The limited edition sits at the top of the Santa Fe range and is priced at £38,995. The Endurance can be ordered from May 18.

"This new Endurance edition offers customers an incredibly well-equipped Santa Fe, one that will be able to tackle everything family life throws at it - and more," said Hyundai UK boss Tony Whitehorn.

"As Sir Ernest Shackleton's great grandson, Patrick Bergel, proved just a few months ago, with just a few choice modifications, you could even traverse Antartica."

27 April, 2017 01:00 Motors