Zoe gets closer to ending flat battery fears

Renault's Zoe electric car can now go further between charges

GRADUALLY, makers of electric cars are tackling the 'range anxiety' that deters many drivers of petrol and diesel vehicles from even considering them.

BMW has recently boosted the batteries on its brilliant i3, and now Renault has announced an upgrade for its Zoe.

It scores a range of 250 miles on the 'official' test, but as with fuel consumption figures these need to be taken with a heavy sackful of salt.

Renault admits as much, explaining that a more likely real world range for the Zoe's new 41kW battery is around 186 miles.

The existing 22kW battery remains on sale. It has an 'official' range of around 150 miles but a real world figure of about 100 miles.

Renault is also making upgrades to the various 'connected services' that owners can use to get the most out of their electric car.

The company says the Zoe's extended range "is the longest of any mainstream all-electric vehicle and motorists can take advantage of this step forward now".

"The Zoe is the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe and provides a real alternative to internal combustion-engine cars, since average daily commuting distances are well within the Zoe's capabilities."

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