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Edith Bowman: It's not selfish to look after yourself

SCOTTISH DJ, Edith Bowman (43), who first found fame in 2001 on MTV alongside Cat Deeley – aka Mrs Patrick Kielty – and for 10 years hosted shows on BBC Radio One, currently presents a breakfast show on Virgin Radio.

'Healthy' diet could be damaging your teeth

NOW, we're not going to make any crazy statements – like, 'Fruit's just as bad as sweets!', or, 'Juicing wrecks your teeth!' – because that would be over-dramatic and misleading.

Table 19 squanders its cast of brilliant comic actors

MARRIAGE is no laughing matter – indeed, it seldom warrants a smile – in director Jeffrey Blitz's laboured comedy of errors about a motley crew of self-consciously quirky strangers, who are seated together on the 'randoms' table at a wedding reception.

Early onset dementia – some of the signs to watch out for

THE occasional moment of light-headedness is usually nothing to worry about, but a new study suggests that people in middle-age who frequently suffer from dizzy spells (known as orthostatic, or postural, hypotension) are 40 per cent more likely to develop dementia later on in their lives.

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