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Fatigue-busting: How to stay awake at work

Liz Connor
THE car alarm that was blaring outside your window at 2am, the after-work drinks that quickly escalated, that sixth episode of Orange is The New Black: there are plenty of reasons – self-inflicted and otherwise – why you might arrive at work feeling slightly worse for wear and find yourself stifling yawns well beyond your third Americano.

Ask the Dentist: how to prevent tartar build-up

Lucy Stock
ARE you one of the unlucky ones whose teeth are covered with an avalanche of tartar in the blink of an eye no matter how much you clean? If so and you’re wondering how to change your luck and slow down the tartar torrent, here are a few tips to turn the tide in your favour.

Nutrition: The health benefits of tea

Jane McClenaghan
IF IRELAND has a 'national drink', then arguably it has to be a good cup of tea: whether in times of grief and sadness or happiness and celebration, it is what we turn to for comfort.

Get fit in the great outdoors

Liz Connor
IF YOU'RE looking for a late summer fitness kick, it's really easy to stay active while also getting a fix of fresh air.

Stem cell donation explained

Lisa Salmon
EVERY 20 minutes, someone in Britain and the north is diagnosed with a blood cancer, and for many of them, a blood stem cell transplant is their only chance of survival.

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