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Mind Matters: Giving up alcohol can lead to a different perspective

Paul Gaffney
I WRITE these lines with some trepidation, as I have been trying to silence the internal debate that has been raging inside my head for the past few weeks between not getting too far ahead of myself on the one hand and telling you a little about the start to my 2017 on the other.

Maggie a pioneer in battle against diabetes

Anne Hailes
"IT'S fantastic although rather weird, like living in an arranged marriage since I was six and now I've had a divorce and suddenly, for the first time in 55 years, I'm able to do my own thing! "The fear is removed, the constant anxiety has gone.

HRT can boost oral health during menopause

Lucy Stock
HORMONE Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been credited with helping women manage a range of menopause-related issues, including hot flushes, heart health and bone density.

Edith Bowman: It's not selfish to look after yourself

SCOTTISH DJ, Edith Bowman (43), who first found fame in 2001 on MTV alongside Cat Deeley – aka Mrs Patrick Kielty – and for 10 years hosted shows on BBC Radio One, currently presents a breakfast show on Virgin Radio.

'Healthy' diet could be damaging your teeth

NOW, we're not going to make any crazy statements – like, 'Fruit's just as bad as sweets!', or, 'Juicing wrecks your teeth!' – because that would be over-dramatic and misleading.

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