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Seasonal affective disorder: Knowing if you have SAD and what to do about it

DOES the onset of winter fill you with dread – because it's not just the skies that'll be turning dark and gloomy, but your mood too? While a touch of winter blues is quite common, full-blown seasonal affective disorder (SAD – a recognised form of clinical depression that occurs as a response to less light exposure during wintertime) is relatively rare and can be majorly debilitating.

Kevin McNally discusses wellbeing, acting advice and pirating

Gabrielle Fagan
KEVIN McNally has had a 40-year acting career and is best known for playing pirate Joshamee Gibbs in Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean films, and most recently for appearing in US-set political drama series Designated Survivor, which also stars Kieffer Sutherland and Natascha McElhone.

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