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How children's health issues can often be traced back to the process of birth itself

Jenny Lee
DOES your baby have difficulties around latching on or keeping milk down? Does your toddler not sleep well or suffer with constipation? Is your older child a fussy eater, resistant to change or have difficulty riding a bicycle? Or perhaps you have a teenager who is struggling with exam stress or refusing to go to school? Now, have you ever considered that experiences in your child’s early years and even their birth itself could be contributing factors to their current and ongoing behaviour? Such experiences can include becoming stuck in the birth canal, an emergency Caesarean section or the use of forceps in a delivery.

Linda Nolan: I won't let cancer rule the rest of my life

Hannah Stephenson (PA)
LINDA Nolan has taken a lot of knocks over the years – the loss of her husband Brian Hudson and sister Bernie, both to cancer, her late mother's dementia, plus her own battle with breast cancer and the shock discovery that it's returned.

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