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All about sinusitis

EVER had what seemed like a bad case of the sniffles, only for your face to suddenly descend into horrible pain, as intense pressure builds around your eye sockets and nose? It might have been sinusitis – "an infection or inflammation of the air-filled sinus cavities surrounding your nose," says GP and Healthspan medical director, Dr Sarah Brewer of Healthspan.

Let's talk tongues

Lucy Stock
IN 1871, new medical students at King’s College Hospital were warned by Sir Thomas Watson in his introductory lecture: "A patient would think you careless or ignorant of your craft if you did not, at every visit, look at his tongue as well as feel his pulse.

Seasonal affective disorder: Knowing if you have SAD and what to do about it

DOES the onset of winter fill you with dread – because it's not just the skies that'll be turning dark and gloomy, but your mood too? While a touch of winter blues is quite common, full-blown seasonal affective disorder (SAD – a recognised form of clinical depression that occurs as a response to less light exposure during wintertime) is relatively rare and can be majorly debilitating.

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