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Why taking a ‘power shower’ can help you to think more creatively

Liz Connor (PA)
WHEN it comes to taking daily showers, there are generally two types of people – those who see jumping under the jets as a functional job to tick off in the morning, and those who savour being in the warm water and extend it for an extra five minutes or so.

'Magic wand' helps spot even tiny breast tumours

Rachel Ellis
A WAND that uses radio waves to pinpoint hard-to-find breast tumours could dramatically improve the accuracy of cancer surgery and prevent thousands of women from having to undergo further operations.

Music really can keep your fitness on track

Libby Galvin
YOU don’t need an expert to tell you that listening to music while running can make it feel easier and more fun – but now scientists say it can also boost your performance.

It's never 'just hair' – here’s what you need to know about alopecia

Lisa Salmon (PA)
HAIR loss can have a big impact on those affected, young and old, but what causes it and will it grow back? :: What is alopecia? There are many types of alopecia, the most common being the predominantly hereditary androgenetic alopecia, or ‘male or female pattern baldness’.