Anxiety and confidence issues 'on the rise' in teenage girls

Anxiety and confidence issues are on the rise amongst teenage girls

Anxiety and issues around confidence are on the rise among young woman, a leading mind coach has said.

Aisling Cowan, who works as a coach, nutritionist and hypnotherapist in Belfast Chiropractic Clinic, said social media has left many young people in emotional turmoil.

Over recent years, Aisling has counselled a growing number of young people with mental health issues.

"Our minds are used to racing around at an incredible speed, jumping from thought to thought," she said.

"We are often lost in regrets about the past or worries about the future, and are rarely paying attention to the present moment.

"This is of course made worse by massive use of social media and phone notifications, continually pulling us away from being present. 

"However, with patient and persistent training our minds gradually settle down and we are able to live with a greater awareness of now, as well as of our inner emotional and mental states.

"This non-judgmental awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence, healthy social relationships, and good mental health."

Mind coach, nutritionist and hypnotherapist Aisling Cowan

Aisling is running four workshops for girls aged between 15 and 18 who are struggling with anxiety and confidence issues.

The workshops, which cost £40 for all four, will be held at Belfast Chiropractic Clinic every Tuesday this month, starting on November 6.

However, there are free places for any young woman who is struggling but does not have access to financial help.

"Each week will focus on a different area of understanding, some chats and discussion and then building up our 'mindful muscles' in our brain to be able to sit for a few minutes at a time without stimulation, worries or screens," she said. 

"Allowing our mind to come 'back to base', these skills will be very useful for exam time and give young people some skills to calm their minds and get to know themselves better."

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