Ask Fiona: Plagued by sounds in my house

In an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David had problems with house sounds and was incredulous when his wife Cheryl suggested it was simply the house "settling" 

A FEW weeks ago, I achieved a long-term ambition and moved with my family to the countryside.

You're going to think I'm barmy when I say I think we've made a terrible mistake.

I can't sleep at night because it's so quiet!

Every little noise I do hear makes me think we're being broken into and I just can't settle.

We don't have any immediate neighbours – which was what I thought I wanted – so I've no-one to call out to.

I'm so stressed, but my husband and children love it.

My husband has suggested I take an occasional sleeping pill just to get a full night's sleep, but he sleeps like a log, so who would look after the family if I was out for the count?



FIONA SAYS: Sleeping in a new home, in a new place, is bound to upset your system and although you are being disturbed by the slightest sound at the moment, I'm sure you'll soon get used to the local noises.

Make sure your smoke alarms are all working properly, make sure your security is good – you could even consider fitting a security alarm system.

Sleeping pills are not a good long-term solution, as I am sure you realise, and the problem is not going to go away unless you address it.

What might help you would be to take up something to address your anxiety, like yoga or meditation.

Both these would help you sleep, as well as help you feel more relaxed, and I'm sure your system will soon learn to adapt to your new surroundings.


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