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Gardening: how to protect your plants from winter frosts

AS the weather cools down, plants will need covering, bulbs will need lifting or mulching and extra winter protection given to tender specimens which will have to be brought indoors if they are to survive the coldest months.

Gardening tips: How to divide houseplants

IF YOU'RE short of houseplants but don't want to fork out a fortune on new ones, BBC Gardeners' World presenter Alys Fowler says you can easily boost your stock through propagation.

The Casual Gardener: Turf versus seed – the pros and cons

John Manley
IT’S just small selection of monocotalydens sown together en masse and it neither flowers nor bears fruit, yet for many gardeners – particularly the male of the species – the lawn is very often the main preoccupation.

Gardening: Three of the best bushes for berries

GARDENERS, as well as birds, are in for a bumper berry haul this month, the Royal Horticultural Society is predicting, thanks to a warm, dry start to the year followed by summer rains.

The Casual Gardener: Sedum sensations

John Manley
THE late summer garden buzzes with activity; thousands of insects on the wing, appearing to enjoy the nectar-fuelled feeding frenzy.

The Casual Gardener: Joy of vegetables

John Manley
“NO MORE than usual” the queen laughs when I call her in the morning and ask whether she's hungover after celebrating the night before.

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