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Things to do in the garden this week: Tips on pruning with a saw

:: When pruning large branches of trees and shrubs with a saw, make a cut on the underside first, to prevent bark tearing back as the branch comes away :: Protect the tops of celery with cloches or cover them with straw :: If a new flush of growth starts to appear on Christmas cherries – Solanum capsicastrum – and threatens to hide the colourful fruits, pinch it out :: Remove any debris which may have lodged between newly-planted spring bedding and remove weeds :: Order lettuce seed, so you can make early sowings in frames during January :: Protect early peas and beans sown in autumn from the protection of a little soil drawn up around them to make a windbreak :: Erect a screen to protect newly planted evergreens from wind scorch :: Prune deciduous shrubs and trees if any fairly large-scale work is necessary :: Reduce the length of the stems on any tall rose bushes to decrease the risk of them being moved in the ground by the wind :: Prune out the areas of apple trees infected with apple canker.

Death becomes it

John Manley
UNTIL quite recently, Detroit, Michigan was urban decay personified.

Berry nice indeed

John Manley
TO SOMEWHAT state the obvious, the autumn garden tends not to be as spectacular as its seasonal predecessor and therefore relies more on colourful foliage and texture, rather than bright, ostentatious blooms.

Going to pot with tulips

John Manley
BECAUSE of a fondness for naturalised planting, I find it hard to warm to tulips.

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