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The Casual Gardener: Sedum sensations

John Manley
THE late summer garden buzzes with activity; thousands of insects on the wing, appearing to enjoy the nectar-fuelled feeding frenzy.

The Casual Gardener: Joy of vegetables

John Manley
“NO MORE than usual” the queen laughs when I call her in the morning and ask whether she's hungover after celebrating the night before.

The Casual Gardener: Top brassicas

John Manley
BROCCOLI, cabbage, kale and sprouts are the stuff of many children’s nightmares and they don’t get too many adults salivating either.

Giant rhubarb, giant problem?

John Manley
IT CAN hardly be regarded as the actions of a full-blooded eco warrior but, in a roundabout way, I have dealt a blow for Irish biodiversity.

The Casual Gardener: Peak-time perennials

John Manley
WHERE would the garden be without herbaceous perennials? They are the mainstays of the summer garden, the plants that can be relied upon to do the business year after year.

Garden show time

John Manley
WHERE did your passion for gardens begin? I didn’t realise it at the time but my passion for gardening goes back to my earliest memories as a child working in the family garden in a small fishing village along the south Down coast under the Mourne Mountains.

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